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We will restart in June 2017 in Oviedo


:: What is Pachange? ::

Pachange is a project which organises exchange meetings to practice languages. It started Malaga (Andalusia, Spain) in 2006 where it had and go on having succes among the Spanish and Foreign students. Then the same project started in others places of Europe and now in Oviedo!




:: How does it work? ::

We usually meet every Thursday at El Columpio Bar at Calle Campoamor 17 in Oviedo, where we assign mixed tables. Later we go to a bar and we spend about an hour practicing Spanish and another one a Foreign language. Every participant pays voluntarily 1Euro for every meeting as a symbolic amount for the work that we are doing.




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:: Next Meeting ::

Date: Thursday, 13th July
Time: 8:00pm.

Where?El Columpio, Calle Campoamor 17



:: What do you have to do to participate?::
If you want to participate, you can click here to subscribe online or you can send us an email to oviedo@pachange.net with your personal information (name, age, native language, the language you want to practice and level).


For more information contact us at: oviedo@pachange.net.



:: Organizers :: logo pachange logo pachange

Jade: is you contact at El Columpio Bar



Paqui: helps you online from Malaga.




- Organized by language students for language students -




:: Next Meeting ::

Date: Thursday, 13th July
Time: 8:00pm.

Where? El Columpio, Calle Campoamor 17

::Photos of the last meetings::

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