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Ana Isabel Angulo Delgado

Franziska Arndt


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Ana Isabel graduated in Fine Arts at Malaga University, is Interior Designer and learns English and French. Franziska (Paqui) is graduated in Business Administration and Management at the Economics and Business Faculty in Málaga, she speaks German, English and Spanish and is starting to learn French. Marina studies Turism and learns English. Denitsa , Primary teacher, from Bulgaria speaks English and is learning Spanish.



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Tuesday, 19 of February at 20:30.
Where? Swap en Teteria El Haren (Calle Andres Perez 3)

Thursday, 21 of February at 20:30.
Where? Teteria El Haren (Calle Andres Perez 3)

Friday, 22 of February at 20:30.
Where? Teteria La Manquita (Calle Duque de la Victoria 8)

Sunday, 24 of February at 18:00.
Where? L Experience (Plaza Obispo 4)

How does it work?

We assign speaking partners at mixed tables and speak the first hour in Spanish and the second one in the Foreign Language. We charge 2€ for every participant who inscribe and is admitted to the meeting. One consumption at the teteria or bar and corresponding payment is mandatory (as the establishment reserve tables for us and contract additional staff).


Pachange Swap

English-Spanish Language Exchange with partner swap after 1 hour. At each table we speak the first 30 minutes in Spanish and then 30 minutes in English or another Foreigh Language. Duration: 2 hours.


Pachange Sunday Special

Still maintaining our system, we will assign speaking partners (mainly English-Spanish, but other languages are welcome too) for the first hour. Half an hour Spanish and the other half in English... after, everybody is free to mix up or stay at the same table. Tribu offers billiard too and we will create a special English Social Group - of those Spaniards on the waiting list, who want to chat in English between each other, maybe play billiard and those Foreigners who prefer not joining the organised tables.




:: Inscription ::
If you want to participate, it is necessary to click here to subscribe online or you can also send us an email to with your personal information (name, age, native language, the language you want to practice and level, telephone and email).

Your inscription will be valid if you receive a confirmation email with the details of the meeting. If you don’t receive any email in a one days time during the week, check your SPAM box and you should contact us directly by email, to see if we got your inscription correctly. Please notice that there are usually always places available for Foreigners.

It is necessary to register again for every meeting, that means, the enrolment is only valid for the meeting which is announced at our webpage in the moment of the inscription.


For more information contact us at:



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